Every year we pave a portion of the Town's roads.  We also patch cracks or potholes should they arise all year long.  When the asphalt plants close, we recycle our own blacktop!


Catch Basins & Drainage

Highway maintains and keeps up with all storm water that passes over our roads.  We do this through drainage work & catch basin repair and cleaning.


Tree Work

We maintain trees that are within the town right of way.  This includes take downs of dead trees, trimming for sight lines & opening up the canopy over our roads.


Snow Plowing

Living in the Northeast we can always count on a little snow!  Here at Highway we are always on call for snow and ice, making sure we keep the roads safe for our residents!

first responders

Emergency Services

Whether a tree that has come down across the road in a storm or snow/ice conditions, we are on call 24/7 to work hand in hand with our first responders to make sure they can get to our residents when they are in need!

east of hudson

East of Hudson Watershed

We work together with the Town's Engineering Department to keep Somers MS4 compliant.  By maintaining our towns outfalls and retention ponds, we help to manage the levels of phosphorous in our water supply.

Have an Issue?

If you have an issue or an item that you think requires our attention, please report it here!